Ask LIU! Where to buy ecological and organic products?

Organic and biological products are both types of food and other consumer goods that are produced using natural methods and materials. However, there are some key differences between the two.

Organic products are grown and produced using methods that do not involve synthetic chemicals or genetically modified organisms. This includes using natural fertilizers, pest control methods, and avoiding the use of synthetic additives in processing and packaging. Organic products are regulated by government agencies and must meet certain standards in order to be labeled as organic.

Biological products, on the other hand, are produced using living organisms or their derivatives. This can include things like probiotics, fermented foods, and products made using biotechnology. Biological products are not necessarily produced using organic methods, although they may be.

Overall, the main difference between organic and biological products is that organic products are produced using natural methods and materials, while biological products are produced using living organisms or their derivatives. Both types of products can be beneficial for health and the environment, but it’s important to carefully read labels and do your own research to understand exactly what you are buying and consuming.

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Where can I buy organic produce from bio sources (with less pesticides)?

There’s a really nice organic store in Las Palmas, called THE Fucha EKO SCP. The Carrefour in the mall also has a big organic department.
Juliette | 22-03-2022

There is one small shop, a family business in La Isleta, run by a couple. It’s very good and you support a little local business. You can also get there very good detergents, you can come with your old bottle and top it up, very nice. It’s called Tienda Ecoisleta.
Nat | 19-03-2022

Where can I buy organic house cleaning liquid? 

Spar Natural has all the organic products you need.
Tina | 22-04-2022

The Hiperdino in shopping center El Muelle is selling products from Frosch.
Theresa | 20-04-2022

Any ‘herbolario’ and La Zanahoria Bioglobal will have organic cleaning products.
Ingmar | 20-04-2022

Does anyone know where I can buy ecological laundry detergent (and other products) in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria?

Try Spar Natural.
Nelleke | 04-10-2021

I think at Grano a Grano you can find some eco detergents and also laundry eggs.
Viviane | 04-10-2021

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