Where to buy vegan cakes and pastries in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

The number of vegan friendly shops has been increasing a lot in Las Palmas since 2020. There are many options for restaurants and quick bites, but in this article I will focus on places where you can treat yourself with some vegan desserts for takeaway (para llevar) or eating on the spot (para tomar aquí).

People choose to be vegan for many reasons and what’s classically avoided in the vegan diet are meat and dairy products. Some people prefer to avoid also all those products that are related in any way with animals, like honey for instance, so when ordering your meal make sure to read the ingredient list because a vegan dish might still contain something that for you might not be ethically right.

That said, here are some quite known options in Las Palmas for those who have a sweet tooth:


This pastry shop has opened in December 2021, they deal with vegan and gluten free pastries and have some spots in their venue for seating for a coffee. Desserts are very rustic and the owner makes sure to keep her promise towards the customers with simple and easy to understand ingredients that would fit any vegan diet.

Lavaysalt is a vegan bakery with dozens and dozens of choices including cakes for every occasion! On a friend’s birthday they made us a vegan chocolate and mango cake that amazed us all by how good it was!
Abdel | 23-07-2023

Ave Pastelería

Ave Pastelería has vegan croissants and a vegan banana cake.
Deian | 12-06-2023

Guirlache Guanarteme

Guirlache is one of the oldest pastry shops in Gran Canaria and has different venues in Las Palmas. The shop in Guanarteme is one of the last ones who have been opened and got specialized in gluten free and vegan products. The venue itself is well done with space for seating and a kitchen on sight. It will surely be pleasant for anyone looking for a treat. Make sure to check the opening hours because they are very different compared to what people are used to in northern Europe.


Vegetopia – Veg-Away LPA

This is one of the shops who specialize in vegan food. For a treat you can still pair smoothies with desserts or have a whole meal being sure that the whole experience will be vegan friendly. Remember that this venue is take away and delivery only! https://g.page/vegetopialpa

Vegetopia also has some vegan pastries.
Andreu | 12-06-2023

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