Where To Eat The Best Paella In Las Palmas De Gran Canaria?

All sorts of questions are being asked every day in our amazing community on Slack. On this website you can find the answers from community members to all sorts of questions and lots more. Today: where to eat the best paella in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria? Do you want to learn more about the local cuisine in general? Check this article! Or click here for restaurants with a menu del día.

Got pictures to share from your paella in one of these restaurants? Send them on Slack and I’ll add them to this post (with credits, ofcourse)!

Please note that these are answers and recommendations from community members and their personal experiences. Answers can be slightly edited for clarity.

La Quilla

La Quilla is a charming restaurant located on the beautiful promenade of Playa de Las Canteras. It is praised for its excellent food and attentive service. The menu offers a variety of delicious dishes, including Salteado Canario, Arroz Negro con Chipirones, and gluten-free options for those with celiac disease. Customers especially enjoy the paellas, both seafood and vegetarian versions. The restaurant’s interior is tastefully decorated, providing a cozy atmosphere even on windy days. With friendly staff and stunning beach views, La Quilla is a must-visit spot for those looking to enjoy a memorable dining experience and savor the best paella in Las Palmas.

La Quilla was amazing +1
Anna | 28-07-2023

La Quilla has the best paella IMHO.
Antonio | 22-07-2023

La Quilla has the best paella.
Andres | 19-03-2023

The best paella so far I got in La Quilla.
Kristoph | 18-03-2023

I recommend La Quilla. It won the award for best paella of Las Palmas!
Prakash | 18-11-2022

El Arrosar

El Arrosar is a renowned restaurant known for serving some of the best paellas in the city. Customers frequently return for the incredible seafood paella and other delectable rice dishes. The arroz con ajetes is particularly exceptional, leaving diners impressed with its taste. The restaurant’s attentive service and friendly staff contribute to a delightful dining experience. While slightly more expensive than some nearby establishments, the quality and flavors of the food make it well worth the price. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, El Arrosar is a must-visit destination for authentic and delicious paellas, earning its reputation as a top spot for this traditional Spanish dish.

The best paella I have had is in El Arrosar.
Adrian | 18-11-2022

Restaurant El Arrosar has the best paella I’ve tried in Las Palmas.
Noel | 15-08-2022

El Arrosar. As Noel said, for the price it’s the best I’ve found. I prefer arroz negro to traditional paella; they do both very well.
Paul | 15-08-2022

El Arrosar beats La Quilla and El Típico Español. But everybody has their own preferences.
Bao | 17-12-2021

El Típico Español

El Típico Español is a restaurant situated along the lively Las Canteras promenade with varying opinions from diners. Positive feedback highlights the delicious fish paella and fresh seafood. However, some visitors were disappointed with delays in service, less attentive staff, and dishes that didn’t meet expectations. While the restaurant offers a fabulous beach view, some find the prices relatively high for the quality of the food, leading to mixed reviews. While it may be a suitable spot for a drink or light snack, opinions about the overall dining experience and authenticity of Spanish cuisine differ among guests.

I had a nice paella at El Típico Español.
Irina | 16-11-2022

The restaurant El Típico Español has good paella.
Frank | 05-11-2022

Yesterday I went to El Típico Español, which had really good paella.
Max | 31-01-2022

I recently tried the Paella at El Típico Español, and it was quite good (much better than La Quilla, which I personally can’t recommend any longer).

But if you want to have a very good paella, go to Restaurante Las Salinas in Castillo del Romeral after a day in the South.
Noreen | 17-12-2021

Other Community Recommendations For Paella

This place is the best for me for paella: Taberna Chica on Playa De Las Canteras.
Marcos | 15-07-2023

 I had vegan paella in Madre Del Amor Hermoso in Las Canteras, it wasn’t bad. Also, in Biocrepería RiscoCaido they sell vegan paella, but it’s in Artenara, and it’s closed until October. And lastly, Vegetopia has vegan paella, but I haven’t tried it. 
Sonia | 20-06-2023

I do not consider myself a paella expert, but Las Canteras Family Restaurant was very tasty and also the Google reviews mention that the paella is very solid.
Jelle | 16-11-2022

What about Ñoño El Chico? It’s on the paseo, super tasty and cheap tapas! They have a delicious paella on Sunday.
Rita | 13-11-2022

I tried Marea near Avenida Maritima and it was good. A bit expensive in my opinion.
Manu | 07-11-2022

 A local here! La Lonja & La Marinera (a bit more expensive) are very good! Enjoy!
Laura | 31-01-2022

Got pictures to share from your paella in one of these restaurants? Send them on Slack and I’ll add them to this post (with credits, ofcourse)!

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