Reduce food waste with Too Good To Go in Las Palmas

The Too Good To Go app is gaining popularity in Las Palmas in the last couple of months. When I downloaded the app somewhere in 2021, there were only five companies offering food, now there are dozens of shops you can chose from.

The app was designed in 2015 in Denmark, to reduce food waste. Restaurants, hotels and shops can sign up to the app and sell their unsold food to consumers at the end of the day for a reduced price. Normally, this food would have been thrown away.

In Las Palmas you’ll find a lot of bakeries, fruterias and restaurants and pick up times for each shop vary. Some hotels sell their leftover breakfast, so these will be ready for pickup around 11AM, while restaurants usually start selling around 8PM.

The prices in the Too Good To Go app are pretty good; the value of a box is between €9 and €15 and you pay around usually between €3 and €5 for a box. Some shops will tell you what food you will get, but in most cases it will be a surprise! In this private Facebook group people are sharing their experiences with Too Good To Go in the Canary Islands.

You can download and read more about the app on their website.

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