How to pick the perfect watermelon

As many of you know it is easy to find watermelons, sandía, in Gran Canaria but it’s not obvious how to choose them properly and ending up with 2-8kg of bland watermelon just really sucks.

This is a little guide I’ve made and it’s specific for watermelons I’ve seen in Gran Canaria. The suggestions in the image below apply to all watermelons though.


You can find different kinds of watermelons in supermarkets and local markets. Usually they are not too big like those you might find in Italy (12-16kg) and their shape is oval or similar to a sphere.

In supermarkets you can find watermelons that are already cut but it doesn’t say much about taste.

Back in the days fruits sellers would cut watermelons and let them taste to people to convince them to buy one, today they are simply cut for practicality reasons, this way you can buy smaller pieces.

I suggest you buy a whole watermelon because it keeps well in the fridge for 1 week if you film it properly with cling film after each cut and because it is easier to compare whole watermelons than sliced ones.

As you can see, in the image I’ve posted there are many suggestions on how to select your fruit but there is also a very important component: weight! If 2 watermelons have the same size and characteristics the one that weights more will taste better because it would have absorbed more water.

So between multiple watermelons if many of them have the right shape, the orange field spot, a larger webbing and they are nicely dark remember to select the one that weights more! It will make a lot of difference. Enjoy!

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