How to enjoy home-cooked meals without cooking in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

For people who don’t like or don’t have time for cooking, finding food can be a real challenge. Eating out every day can be expensive and time-consuming. However, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, there are several options for those who want to enjoy good food without spending too much time or money. In this article, we will explore some alternatives, besides UberEats, Glovo and JustEat.

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Fit Food Canarias

Fit Food Canarias is a convenient and customizable meal delivery service in Gran Canaria, offering a diverse range of healthy meal options that you can tailor to your preferences. They cater to specific diets like keto and provide essential nutritional information, with many customers reporting tangible health improvements. What sets them apart is their personalized approach, allowing you to choose meals based on your goals and gender, including options for Fat Loss, Balanced, or Muscle Gain. They accommodate various dietary preferences, provide transparent nutritional information, and offer flexibility in modifying orders. With Fit Food Canarias, maintaining a healthy diet is made easy and hassle-free in Gran Canaria.

Vegetopía Experience

Vegetopía Experience in Las Palmas offers a vegan meal delivery service called “Vegetopía Veg Away” for about €33 per week. Although the portions may seem small, customers love the tasty and satisfying vegan meals, making them a great choice for a quick and flavorful daily lunch. With this service, you pay on Monday and select your meals, then pick up the rest on Wednesday. It’s a convenient option, saving you time on cooking and grocery shopping while enjoying delicious vegan food. Contact via WhatsApp +34 623 044 463

Vegetopia offers 1 ready meal per weekday for (I think) €33 a week. I tried it once: you pay full amount on Monday and pick 2 meals, then on Wednesday you pick the rest for the week. They also add a few goodies, that week was a sort of vegan cheesecake and a fruit shake. If you live in or near La Isleta, it is definitely a good way to save time on cooking/doing groceries.
Augosto | 07-06-2023


EcoRico is changing the game in Gran Canaria with its easy, tasty, and environmentally-friendly vegan homemade food delivery service. They bring you fresh, organic meals in reusable containers, giving you good value and helping the planet. Customers are loving the delicious and eco-friendly options, and you can even visit Finca la Fuente for a unique natural dining experience. The founders, Agata and Piotr, are all about animal welfare and business smarts, creating a place for people who want healthy, sustainable food delivered right to their door.

I recommend, Eco Rico, which I am using myself.
David | 10-02-2023

More Suggestions

Someone mentioned My Tupper Canarias.
Mar | 10-02-2023

I like El Taller de Allende to grab food. Home cooked style ready to go meals. Avoid going in prime lunchtime, it gets very busy, better pop in say 12 and buy ahead.
Kristina | 11-02-2023

Spar sells quite good prepared meals. This place also has nice food for take away Cimarrón. Simply try to find comida para llevar places.
Anna | 11-02-2023

You can check this small place – Asadero Faro (named differently on Google Maps) with local food and friendly people (it’s named differently on Google maps). It’s for take away only.
Domi | 13-02-2023

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