Ask LIU! Where to find gluten free products in Gran Canaria?

Today in Ask LIU! we share the answers to the question; where can you buy gluten free products in Gran Canaria? Check out this article if you are looking for vegan restaurants in Las Palmas!

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Where to find gluten free products in Las Palmas?

I am specifically looking for gluten free oats!

Spar Natural, Carrefour, La Zanahoria Bioglobal and Ecoisleta all sell gluten free products.
Tina | 28-03-2022

Spar Natural
Nat | 26-03-2022

Try a Hiperdino with an extra diet/organic section, choices there for such things like gluten free products are greater than in Superdino.
Paul | 25-03-2022

You can also check the (huge) gluten free isle at Carrefour Las Arenas. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen some gluten free oats there or in the normal oats section.
Solene | 25-03-2022

Try your nearest herbolario or La Zanahoria Bioglobal– i have found gluten free oats there.
Ingmar | 25-03-2022

Looking for a bakery in Las Palmas that sells gluten-free bread?

In Guirlache Guanarteme they have many products without gluten and also some breads. If you have a serious gluten allergy you can only buy from supermarkets. That’s because the venue makes products where they don’t add flour but still it’s in the air so they can’t guarantee its safety for highly allergic people.

There’s also Pastelería Singlutencake (but it’s quite far from Las Canteras).

In Tarei they only have 1 kind of bread without gluten, the Trigo Sarraceno one. It’s fine for those who don’t want to eat gluten but still they have flour in the air so it’s not recommended for allergic people.
Flavio | 12-02-2022

Spar Natural sells gluten free bread too.
Jan | 12-02-2022

What are your recommendations for the best gluten free places in Las Palmas?

There are a couple of restaurants (external link) but if you mean to buy food, Hiperdino‘s yellow-labeled products are gluten-free, and El Corte Ingles Supermercado has a separate section for gluten free products.
Teodora | 27-09-2021

And where do you buy your gluten free products in Gran Canaria? Leave a reply in the comments!

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