Food delivery apps in Las Palmas

You have several options to order food (meals) online if you are located in Las Palmas or other bigger cities. These are the most popular ones:

Glovo can deliver to you from restaurants, the pharmacy and even supermarkets and custom requests. They sometimes have discounts. The delivery fee is in most cases €1,99 per order and there’s no service fee. For €7,99 you can subscribe to GlovoPRIME, meaning free delivery for restaurant orders over €10 on selected restaurants. Receive €3 discount on four orders worth more than €10,-. Use this code D1L45V4.

UberEats probably has the most discounts active. You can only order from restaurants, but they have a wide selection. Same like Glovo, they have a subscription for unlimited deliveries for a fixed fee. The UberEats-Pass is only €4,99 a month. The delivery fee depends on your location, so it’s up to you to decide if the UberEats-Pass is worth its money. You’ll still have to pay the 10% service fee. Get €10 discount on your first order (€20 or more) using this code: eats-gqksyl

The third option is JustEat, but I don’t have any personal experience with their app.

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