Drinking tap water in Gran Canaria

As you will probably notice the moment you step in Gran Canaria tap water is not really the best for drinking. That is because most of the water is desalinated and the filtering process is very old style. Luckily there are options!

Get bottled water delivered

The most common thing to do is to buy bottled water. In all supermarkets you will find the classical bottles which contain 1-1,5 liters but it is much more convenient to buy the bigger ones which hold 5-8 liters each. These 5-8L bottles are harder to pour so it is a good idea adding a top pump that helps pushing water outside the container. There are 2 sizes for the pump hole so make sure to buy the right one, some pumps also include adapters. You can buy these pumps at any bazar or chino for around €1,50.

All those bottles are made of plastic though, so it’s bad for the environment ánd the taste is affected. For those who are willing to spend a bit more for having a good water I suggest glass water bottles from a local company that bottles water from the mountains in Gran Canaria: Aguas de Teror.

You can get in touch with them on their website www.aguasdeteror.com and they will deliver directly at your house. They sell both natural (sin gas) or sparkling bottled water (con gas). The price for 12 1L bottles is around 5€.

Some parts of the islands have better tap water than others. Usually in the south tap water is worse and with a metallic taste, instead towards Las Palmas quality starts to increase.

Drinking tap water using filters

A good option for those who have a decent tap water and want to drink tap water in Gran Canaria, would be to use a filter. The most common filter that always works is called BRITA, you can buy the BRITA carafe and filters in El Corte Inglés. You can also invest in a filter that is directly attached to your tap. Using BRITA the price of water + filters is almost a half compared to buying 8L containers in Mercadona or other similar supermarkets.

Now you have it, a clear guide about waters in Gran Canaria and many options to choose from!

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