Ordering coffee in Gran Canaria

Coffee culture is a staple in the Canary Islands, especially in Gran Canaria. It’s important to know what to expect when ordering a cup of joe. Here’s a guide to the different types of coffee you’ll find in Gran Canaria and what to expect from each.

Café Solo

This is a small cup of black coffee without milk. It’s a classic option that’s perfect for those who prefer their coffee without any added sweetness or creaminess. The waiter might ask you if you want an espresso or an americano.


A cortado is a single shot Espresso with the same amount of hot milk added. It’s a popular option for those looking for a slightly sweeter and creamier alternative to café solo.

Cortado Largo

A cortado largo is a cortado served with extra milk. The exact proportions can vary, but it’s typically served in a tall glass to differentiate it from a café con leche.

Café con Hielo

This is a unique option that’s gaining popularity in Gran Canaria. It’s iced coffee without the slush, and is served as a café solo with a glass of ice cubes on the side. You dissolve a sachet of sugar in the solo, pour over the ice cubes, swizzle and sip. If you’re looking for a fancy iced coffee, you might be disapponted when you get this! So better to ask, or read the menu carefully, to find out what type of iced cofee you will get.


The cappuccino is not traditional in Gran Canaria, so be prepared for a disappointing experience. Most of the times you just get a café con leche with chocolate powder on top. At café Un Lugar and Destino Café they make a good cappuccino, though!

Leche y Leche

This is one of the specialties of the Canary Islands, which you won’t find in other parts of Spain. The leche y leche (meaning milk and milk) is a cortado with some sweet condensed milk on the bottom of the cup.

Café con Leche

You can of course also order the typical café con leche, which is another coffee with milk. Similar to the cortado, the café con leche is coffee to which the same amount of hot milk is added. However, the cup is much bigger. Usually, the café con leche is twice the size of a cortado.

Café Bombon

The café bombon is an espresso with sweet condensed milk. No normal milk is added and no sugar is served as the drink is already very sweet.


The barraquito is a cortado leche leche with Liquor 43 as a second layer, as well as some lemon peel and cinnamon on top. The drink looks beautiful when it’s served, but make sure to stirr it well before drinking it. The lemon peel is supposed to go inside the cup before you start stirring. Enjoy!

With this guide in hand, you’ll be able to navigate the coffee scene in Gran Canaria like a pro and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee that’s tailored to your preferences.

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