Play Board Games At Friki Bar

Located in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Friki Bar provides a cool and fun time for people who come to visit. They’ve got a bunch of different drinks and food to choose from, plus a great assortment of board games and fun decorations. Friki Bar is a popular spot for both people who live here and tourists, thanks to its special vibe and what they’ve got to offer.

A Gaming Paradise

If you’re a big fan of board games, Friki Bar is the place to be. They’ve got a bunch of board games for all kinds of people, whether you like the old classics or the newer strategy games. Friki Bar is open to both people who play a lot and those who are just starting out.

They have dozen of board games and nice burgers and drinks too.
Rebecca | 11-09-2023

Food Available

Besides the board games, Friki Bar has a whole bunch of different food and drinks for you to choose from. Whether you want a fancy cocktail, a shot of your favorite drink, or a tasty meal, you can get it here. What makes Friki Bar special is that they come up with cool and creative drinks, often inspired by stuff like anime, video games, and pop culture.

The food menu at Friki Bar has a lot of tasty options, and they’ve got stuff for different diets, like vegan and vegetarian choices. The portions are big, and the prices are fair, so you’ll have a good time eating here.


When you walk into Friki Bar, you’ll see some really cool and visually interesting decorations. They’ve put in a lot of work to make the place feel like a fantasy world where adventures happen. They’ve paid close attention to all the little details in the place, which adds to the special feel of Friki Bar.

Great Service

At Friki Bar, they’re all about giving top-notch service. The people who work there are really nice and always ready to help. They want to make sure everyone who comes in feels like they’re taken care of and comfortable. Whether you want suggestions, help with starting games, or just want to chat, the staff at Friki Bar does their best to make your time there even better.

close up photo of monopoly board game
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Entertainment and Events

Friki Bar is not just a spot to play games and eat good food; it’s also a place for fun and entertainment. They often throw events like Kahoot quizzes, gaming contests, and themed parties. This means there’s always something cool going on, and it makes the place feel energetic and lively.

Inclusive and Inviting

Friki Bar is all about being open and friendly to everyone. Whether you’re a hardcore “friki” into comics, animation, video games, or any other nerdy stuff, or if you just like the cool and creative vibe, you’ll feel right at home here. It’s a place where all sorts of different and friendly people come together.

Loyalty Rewards

If you’re a regular at Friki Bar, they’ve got a loyalty program through their app. You can collect points, and then you can use those points to get different rewards. It’s like a bonus for coming back and having a good time at Friki Bar.

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