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Does Gran Canaria have Daylight Saving Time?

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Yes, Gran Canaria observes daylight savings time, meaning the clock will go forward in March, and backwards in October. The island changes its clocks twice a year to align with Central European Time (CET) during the winter months and Central European Summer Time (CEST) during the summer months.

When is Daylight Saving Time in Gran Canaria?

In 2023, daylight savings time in Gran Canaria will begin on March 26th when clocks will be moved forward by one hour, and it will end on October 29th when clocks will be moved back one hour.

The importance of Daylight Saving Time

The primary purpose of daylight savings time is to extend the amount of daylight available during the day, particularly during the summer months. This allows people to enjoy more daylight during their waking hours, potentially reducing energy consumption by decreasing the need for artificial lighting. The concept of daylight savings time was first introduced in the early 20th century as a way to save energy during the First World War.

The effect of Daylight Saving Time on people

While daylight savings time provides more daylight and can be a boost to mood and productivity, it can also have an impact on people’s health and wellbeing. Some studies suggest that the disruption of the body’s natural circadian rhythm caused by the clock change can lead to sleep disturbances, fatigue, and even an increased risk of heart attack and stroke.

In conclusion, yes, Gran Canaria, like the rest of Spain, observes daylight savings time. The clock change provides more daylight during the summer months, potentially saving energy, and allowing people to enjoy more outdoor activities. While the clock change can have a negative impact on people’s health, it remains a contentious issue debated worldwide.

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