Ask LIU! Private health insurance in Gran Canaria

Private health insurance in Gran Canaria is offered by a variety of companies and organizations and it is not mandatory for residents to have health insurance coverage. However, many people choose to purchase private health insurance in order to have access to a wider range of medical services and treatments. It usually also avoids long wait times for appointments and procedures through the public healthcare system.

Private health insurance in Gran Canaria may cover a wide range of medical services, including hospital stays, outpatient visits, prescription medications and specialized treatments such as fertility treatments or plastic surgery. Private health insurance policies in Spain may also offer additional benefits, such as coverage for dental care and alternative therapies.

Below you’ll find some recommendations for private healthcare providers in Gran Canaria.

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Please note that these are answers and recommendations from community members and their personal experiences. Answers can be slightly edited for clarity.

Where can I compare health care insurance?

I found this website extremely valuable when I was comparing insurers This website compares all medical insurance companies in Spain.
Noel | 12-08-2022


I’m with Adeslas and pretty happy with their service and they do have a English option.
Eric | 26-07-2023

Adeslas go is probably the cheapest one in the market. The downside of this health insurance is that you have to pay about €10 each time you visit the doctor.
Noel | 12-08-2022


I pay €554 per year (age 54 with no previous conditions). This price comes with a “copago” (a few euros which I have to pay each time, on an increasing scale depending on the number of times I use it in the year). They do have higher prices for lower or zero copago, but I wanted the lowest price with the highest copago (which is still low anyway) because I am in very good health.

HPS is definitely covered, I have been there several times! I’m not sure about Vithas as it’s never come up in my searches (on the Sanitas site/app).

I have always done everything in Spanish but the Sanitas site offers the choice of 3 languages: Spanish, Catalan and English, so I guess this means that they offer some service in English.
David | 22-01-2023

I pay approximately €45 a month with Sanitas and got a lot of specialists checks done already all covered. It also includes basic dental care and optician.
Kim | 22-01-2023

I use Sanitas and it includes dental care. I pay approximately €800 for one year, but I’m sure there are cheaper options out there.
Nikki | 12-01-2023

I’ve had Sanitas for 9 months now, they seem good so far.
Ian | 17-10-2021


DKV have been great so far. I am very happy with them.
Vanes | 17-09-2023

We used DKV before and it worked quite well. Plus they had a global coverage for up to 6 month, i.e. we could go somewhere for a summer and still use it there. At the same time we do not have anything to compare with. I remember that all of DKV apps were somewhat useless and we looked up doctors using paper book they gave us.
Andrey | 17-01-2023

Any recommendations for a good Spanish private health assurance?

I use Alan – and they use DKV.
Caroline | 12-01-2023

AXA is good.
Irene | 21-04-2022

DKV, it’s pretty easy to understand the contracts. Also Mapfre and Allianz are quite big here.
Flavio | 05-04-2022

I can recommend Sanitas y DKV. Don‘t go with Adeslas.
Viviane | 05-04-2022

I would say that Mapfre or Sanitas are the best.
Lorena | 05-04-2022

 Sanitas and Adeslas are two other good options.
Verity | 13-10-2021

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