Ask LIU! Recommendations For Hair Salons In Las Palmas de Gran Canaria?

Today in Ask LIU! we share the answers to one of our most frequently asked questions; where can I get a good haircut, a balayage or a new hair colour? In other words; which (hairdresser in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria do our community members recommend?

English speaking hairdressers only? Check out this overview with our most recommended English speaking hairdressers!

Are you looking for a barber? We got you covered! Check our recommendations for barbershops in Las Palmas!

Does anybody know a good hairdresser using organic products or Olaplex?

Organic Shizen – Peluquería orgánica
Laura | 21-04-2022

Peluquería Orgánica Las Canas de Frida, I went there and I can recommend it.
Tereza | 24-02-2022

Bio Hair Triana in Las Palmas, it’s an Italian hairdresser. The best in town. 
Andrea | 24-02-2022

Can anyone recommend a good a hairdresser in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria?

Tracy’s work is remarkable, I vouch for it as well. She’s a great professional! Instagram here (opens in new window)
Giovana | 24-05-2023

Maurizio Celletti Peluqueria y Estetica (near Santa Catalina Park) is good and speaks English.
Philip | 22-03-2023

KMStudioSalon. Kate is fantastic (and speaks English).
Gavin | 21-03-2023

Kate from KMStudioSalon is an amazing hairdresser! She really takes her time, she makes everyone feel very relaxed.
Nicole | 15-03-2023

I can also recommend Kate from KMStudioSalon, she is amazing.
Lenka | 14-03-2023

If anyone is looking for a great hairdresser: Go to KMStudioSalon. Kate is amazing. Super professional, gives a lot of advice and is a cool person in general! I paid €40 for cut, styling, and haircare tips.
Anastasiya | 25-02-2023

I wanted to add a vote for KMStudio Salon, Katie is super nice and a fantastic stylist.
Jessica | 21-02-2023

Maurizio Celletti Peluqueria y Estetica
Adriana | 18-02-2023

Alberto from Las Canas de Frida is an amazing hairdresser!
Rita | 25-01-2023

For the hairdresser I recommend you Maurizio Celletti Peluqueria y Estetica, went a couple of times for haircut and dying and was very happy with that.
Angelica | 25-01-2023

Stephanie Cabrera Estilista is fabulous (on Calle Hierro), not far from Playa de Las Canteras. She speaks English and does amazing cuts, colours, and styles.
Lara | 08-01-2023

Joel D’amico in Calle Lujan Pérez 4 and New Look in Mercado del Puerto. They are good and cheap.
Tayle | 21-05-2022

KMStudioSalon, you won’t regret it. Kate is the best. She speaks perfect English too. My girlfriend and I were looking for a really nice hairdresser for a while. KMStudioSalon was the one that kept popping on Slack so we went and she did not disappoint. Best experience we’ve ever had at a hairdresser. She knows her stuff and loves what she’s doing. Her English is perfect (she’s Canadian) and she’s incredibly nice. I highly recommend her!
David | 15-04-2022

I can also strongly recommend Kate from KMStudioSalon.
Aga | 15-04-2022

Just a little thank you to people who recommended KMStudioSalon to go get a haircut. Had the best time with Kate, and probably my best haircut ever! She’s indeed wonderful.
Marine | 26-01-2022

I like Maurizio Celletti Peluqueria y Estetica (behind Santa Catalina).
Tina | 18-01-2022

The best hairdresser is Peluquería Orgánica Las Canas de Frida in La Isleta.
Simone | 17-01-2022

I went to Adil Peluquería y Belleza. Friendly young shop, who spoke a tad English. I went with a picture, and a bit of vocabulary about the length. I’m happy, it’s fresh and they were really friendly and professional.
Victor | 13-01-2022

Can you recommend a good hair salon to get a balayage?

I recommend Biondi Elite.
Raquel | 20-01-2022

Does anyone know a hair salon for keratin/nanoplasty hair straightening?

Organic Shizen – Peluquería orgánica
Laura | 21-04-2022

What’s the best hair salon in Las Palmas to get my hair coloured?

I went to Las Canas de Frida, who was recommended earlier. He is good!
Aida | 15-10-2021

I went to Las Canas de Frida and can highly recommend it! Alberto (the owner) is super friendly & professional.
Gina | 10-10-2021

Where can I buy crazy hair colours in Las Palmas?

The largest choice of colors is to be found in a shop called BIUtiful, there are a few around town. Or even better: in Las Arenas shopping centre, there is a shop called Ricky’s on the ground floor, it has all the crazy colors.
Tina | 09-02-2022

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