Expert Protection In Las Palmas — How PassportCard Nomads Can Help Digital Nomads Enjoy Medical Coverage

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is a prime destination for digital nomads. In addition to the beautiful year-round weather, Las Palmas entices global tourists with its vibrant Spanish culture, excellent cuisine, and countless attractions & activities. Also, as one of Spain’s largest cities, visitors enjoy access to the EU country’s modern amenities and services.

Although Spain has a high reputation for its health care sector, it can be difficult for digital nomads to navigate a foreign medical system. Nomads who don’t have experience filing medical claims may feel overwhelmed if they get sick in Las Palmas.

Nobody wants to think of illness and injuries when planning to move to Las Palmas, but digital nomads need to prepare for the worst with health insurance. Thankfully, there are many simplified medical insurance options designed specifically for a digital nomad’s unique lifestyle.

PassportCard Nomads offers a mobile-first medical insurance in Gran Canaria. With no deductibles and medical claims, PassportCard Nomads makes it easy for people in Las Palmas to get the healthcare they need with zero stress.

How Does PassportCard Nomads Health Insurance Work In Las Palmas?

PassportCard Nomads’ health insurance system involves three products. First, every member gets access to a mobile app that they can use to find nearby medical assistance and request money to pay for a medical emergency. Second, users will get a red prepaid Visa debit card to pay for their services.

Whenever PassportCard Nomads’ users need to pay a medical expense, they just have to request a service in their app. PassportCard Nomads will instantly send the money onto a client’s red Visa card, no questions asked. PassportCard Nomads doesn’t require medical forms or claims to process payments.

What Plans Does PassportCard Nomads Offer To Las Palmas Nomads?

The type of medical services people could request while in Las Palmas depend on the coverage plan they choose. The two most popular options for Las Palmas digital nomads include the “Starter”, “Remote” and “Complete” packages.

For those only planning to stay in Las Palmas for under six months, “Starter” may be the better option. Anyone with a “Starter” plan enjoys $500,000 in emergency medical coverage.

The “Remote” insurance plan also includes emergency medical coverage and offers holders access to elective medical care. People with “Remote” coverage also receive $1 million in coverage.

For nomads who need a customized plan, for example if they are +45 years old or are frequently traveling to the US, “Complete” plan is the best choice. It covers up to $3,500,000 per policy period and includes elective care and annual checkups.

PassportCard Nomads offers optional travel insurance protections such as coverage for stolen laptops, cameras, or luggage. Las Palmas nomads may also want to take advantage of an “Extreme Sports” insurance add-on.

Since Las Palmas offers so many sporting activities, many digital nomads opt to add this coverage for protection against severe injuries. Whether you enjoy kayaking, jet skiing, or rock climbing in and around Las Palmas, PassportCard Nomads could provide medical coverage.

Note: “Starter”, “Remote” and “Complete” plans include COVID-19 coverage.

How Can Las Palmas Nomads Get PassportCard Nomads’ Service?

If digital nomads want to learn more about PassportCard Nomads’ offerings in Las Palmas, they should visit Here, you could read more in-depth about PassportCard Nomads’ coverage options.

New customers could also register for a PassportCard Nomads account by clicking the “Get Insured” button on the top right of their screen. After answering a few basic questions about where you’ll be staying, PassportCard Nomads will recommend the best nomad insurance package for your needs.

PassportCard Nomads has a responsive customer care division that’s always eager to answer questions. New customers could reach out to PassportCard Nomads on its official “Support” page or by calling +49 404 689 86375.

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