Trusted dog kennels in Gran Canaria for your furry friend

When it comes to our furry companions, their well-being and happiness are paramount. For pet owners seeking the perfect retreats where their dogs can enjoy a vacation as delightful as their own, two exceptional options stand out: Hotel Canino Escubidú and Guarderia Canina Joyas del Atlántico. These canine paradises have garnered praise for their exceptional care, personalized attention, and inviting environments. In this article, we’ll explore the unique offerings of both establishments, each dedicated to creating unforgettable experiences for dogs and their owners alike.

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Hotel Canino Escubidú

Discover a doggy paradise in Agüimes, Las Palmas – Hotel Canino Escubidú. Trusted by pet owners, this haven offers a playful retreat with joyful interactions and spacious grounds. Positive testimonials highlight its exceptional care, catering to all personalities. From mellow to timid, every pup is welcomed and cherished. The comfortable accommodations and heartwarming staff ensure your furry friend’s stay is as memorable as your own. If Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is on your travel list, make Hotel Canino Escubidú a must-visit for your furry companion’s perfect getaway.

Hotel Canino Escubidú (Agüimes) My friend always brings her dogs there and is very happy with them.
Nelleke | 28-07-2023

Guarderia Canina Joyas del Atlántico

Guarderia Canina Joyas del Atlántico, led by Magdalena, offers a personalized and joyful retreat for dogs. With impeccable reviews and heartwarming experiences, this gem stands out for its attentive care and spacious facilities. From happy pups to exceptional weather accommodations, it’s a home away from home where dogs thrive. Trust Joyas del Atlántico to provide your furry friend with a safe and unforgettable vacation.

Joyas del Atlantico. They’re on google maps and have pick-up and drop-off if you need it.
Xavier | 28-07-2023

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