Running/cycling on Paseo de Las Canteras

Paseo de Las Canteras

The Paseo de Las Canteras is the boulevard right next to Playa de Las Canteras. The paseo is as long as the beach, around 3km, starts at the Auditorio Alfredo Kraus and ends at La Puntilla.

Paseo comes from the Spanish verb pasear, meaning, to walk or to take a walk. And that’s exactly what the paseo is meant for, to enjoy a nice walk. This also means there are some rules.

It’s important to keep in mind that on the paseo it’s not allowed to:

  • run*
  • ride a bicycle*
  • ride an electric scooter
  • ride a skateboard/inline skates
  • walk your dog (only small dogs in dog strollers are allowed)

Riding with your bicycle or electric scooter in pedestrian areas is classed as a serious offence, risking a fine of €200.

* Riding a bicycle and running on the paseo are allowed between 10PM and 8AM.

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