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Where can I drop off batteries and lightbulbs for recycling?

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Recycling batteries and lightbulbs has many benefits for both the environment and society. By recovering valuable materials, we can reduce the need for mining and manufacturing, which in turn reduces energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, recycling creates jobs in the recycling industry and reduces the strain on landfills and incinerators.

Why should you recycle batteries?

Batteries are ubiquitous in our daily lives, powering everything from our phones and laptops to our cars and toys. However, they contain heavy metals such as mercury, lead, and cadmium that can be harmful to the environment and human health. If not disposed of properly, these metals can contaminate soil and water, putting both wildlife and people at risk.

Recycling batteries is crucial to preventing this type of pollution. By doing so, we can recover valuable materials and reduce the amount of waste going to landfills. In Gran Canaria, you can drop off your used batteries at a variety of locations, including supermarkets, hardware stores, and recycling centers.

Why should you recycle lightbulbs?

Lightbulbs are another item that we use daily without giving much thought to their disposal. However, they contain toxic chemicals such as mercury and lead that can be harmful if they end up in landfills. Additionally, many lightbulbs contain materials such as glass and metal that can be recycled.

Recycling lightbulbs is essential to reducing the environmental impact of their disposal. In Gran Canaria, you can drop off your old lightbulbs at many of the same locations as batteries, such as Eroski and Carrefour. Additionally, the island has several specialized recycling centers that accept lightbulbs, including the Recycling Center of El Sebadal and the Recycling Center of Las Palmas.

Moreover, recycling batteries and lightbulbs is essential to protecting human health and the environment. By preventing toxic materials from entering our air and water, we can ensure that we have a healthy planet for generations to come.

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Where can I drop off my lightbulbs and batteries for recycling?

Leroy Merlín has collection points
Irina | 24-04-2023

At Mercadona, right at the entrance.
Timo | 15-04-2023

The Hiperdino on Calle Guanarteme has battery disposal bins near the entrance (near the window next to the lockers).
Jon| 16-04-2023

In El Corte Inglés they have a collection point. For bulbs and batteries in the ‘bricor’ area (the building with the Starbucks, -1 floor).
Carla | 13-04-2023

I found that they take them for example in Bricordino Puerto. You can also go to MediaMarkt in CC Las Arenas, there they take everything: batteries, light bulbs, ink cartridges, etc.
David | 13-04-2023

I’ve seen a batteries container at the Hiperdino. They’re close to the entrance in the Hiperdino on Calle Sagasta, close to Las Canteras (northern end).
Antonio | 25-01-2023

I think that el Mercado Del Puerto has a recopilador. It’s a transparent plastic container. If you ask anyone, they will tell you where it is.
Patricia | 25-01-2023

The Punto Limpio El Sebadal (for disposing garbage) accepts the batteries for sure.
Antonio | 25-01-2023

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