Phone and laptop repair in Las Palmas

When all you need for work is your laptop, one of the worst things that can happen is a broken laptop! Luckily, there are some good and reliable repair shops in Las Palmas, where you can take your phone or laptop to have them repaired.

If you have an Apple device, most people go to Banana Computer at Plaza de España (near Las Canteras). They also have a location at Calle Triana (in Triana) and at both locations they sell Apple products.

If you are looking for a repair though, you need to go to the location at Plaza de España, but you can also go directly to Universomac, located at Calle Secretario Artiles 3 (near El Corte Inglés). Banana Computer is working together with Universomac and will have their repairs done by them. So you might as well make an appointment there directly yourself! You can make an appointment online with Apple Support and they’re very nice and quick.

Other brands
For other brands Nublo Informática and Doctor PC Las Palmas are recommended to get your laptop or phone repaired. Nublo is located just a bit south of Parque Doramas at Paseo de Tomás Morales 97 and Doctor PC is closer to Triana at Paseo de Tomás Morales 30.

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