Is Las Palmas de Gran Canaria a good city for living with young children?

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is a great place for families with young children. The city offers a wide range of activities and playgrounds for the little ones, making it an ideal place for parents looking for a child-friendly environment. With places like Estadio Insular, Doramas and Romano Park, you’ll never run out of options for your kids to play and have fun.

Please note that these are answers and recommendations from community members and their personal experiences. Answers can be slightly edited for clarity.

We love it here. Expect a very relaxed lifestyle, people in general are very children friendly. Education is good if you can pay for it. Our kids go to a local semi-private school; there’s a small monthly contribution you pay, but it’s significantly less than an international school. We know many people whose kids go to public school, and they aren’t complaining much either.

The first few months might be more challenging because of the language barrier but they are at the age when they learn everything so quickly. Children orientated services (like regular sport activities or nannies) are usually cheap and available.

I don’t have so much experience with healthcare, but when we needed we could always go to the Centro de Salud for a checkup without any problem.

If you like the sea, nature and want yourself una “vida tranquila” it’s worth a shot.
Dora | 10-06-2023

Daily live Our kids are 2 and 6. The question of what it’s like to live here with kids is very general, thus it is hard to give you any specifics answer. How is it to live with kids here? It is great. For us. Someone else would tell a different story. It depends on expectations and what you compare with.

Language Do not worry about that – kids at this age pick up languages almost instantly (assuming they go to daycare and exposed to the language). If you want to prepare kids to the move – switch over all cartoons they watch to English or Spanish.

Private schools Expect to pay between €500 – €1000 per month per kid. We are very happy with our school (Colegio Brains International School Las Palmas). My frame of reference is the Swedish school system. I know people who are also happy with public schools. I heard some good words about the public school in La Minilla. There usually no problem with availability in private schools and I haven’t heard about queues in public schools either.
Andrey | 09-06-2023

Regarding recommendations for public schools; Santa Barbara and Santa Catalina were my first choice. Both schools seemed very international. I can’t share personal experiences about Santa Barbara, but I met other non-Spanish families whose kids go there. My children are at Santa Catalina and it’s good. They got extra Spanish class. The school is very international (many latinas, Philipines and Africans). For more recommendations it’s best to check the Facebook group for expats in Las Palmas and search for “school”.

For enrolling the kids you can send the school an email or use the online system if you are setup with NIE. Enrolments are open in April. The schools use a catchment and point system.
Katerina | 06-02-2023

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is perfect for kids. There are a lot of activities and playgrounds for the little ones.
Anastasia | 06-01-2023

Best neighbourhoods

The La Minilla area is an excellent location for families with young children. It’s a quiet and green area, and it has a park and commercial center that provides everything you need within walking distance. However, keep in mind that the area is on a hill, which can be challenging for strollers or for those with mobility issues.

If you’re looking for other areas, Ciudad Jardin is another great location. It’s a lovely area with a vibrant atmosphere and plenty of amenities. However, finding an apartment or house in this area can be challenging, so plan accordingly.

One thing to consider when choosing a place to live is to avoid buildings with bars or restaurants, as these can be noisy and disturb your child’s sleep.

Weekly family meetups

Finally, Las Palmas has a friendly community that organizes weekly family meetups to connect parents. These events are shared in the #kids-families channel in Slack. It’s an excellent opportunity to make new friends and build a support system for your family.

Overall, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is an excellent place for families with young children. With plenty of activities, playgrounds, and a supportive community, you can’t go wrong with choosing this city as your new home.

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