Ask LIU! Where to buy plants in Gran Canaria?

All sorts of questions are being asked every day in our community on Slack. Here you can find the answers from community members to all sorts of questions. Today: where can you buy plants in Gran Canaria?

Please note that these are answers and recommendations from community members and their personal experiences. Answers can be slightly edited for clarity.

Where do you buy plants for apartments?

Viveros Godoy in the north (close to Costa Ayala) and Viveros El Rosal (just below the airport).
Jeannine | 17-11-2022

Most small supermarkets/cornershops. I bought mine at some small cornershop on Calle Guanarteme. Mercado Central and Mercado del Puerto also sell plants and flowers.
Nelleke | 14-11-2022

Viveros Mogán
Flavio | 12-11-2022

Grupo Anatura – La Casa De Las Semillas
Claudia | 12-11-2022

The best place near the city center to buy plants and all kinds of flowers is Grupo Anatura – La Casa De Las Semillas.
Carla | 01-11-2021

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