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Ask LIU! Recommendations for dentists in Las Palmas

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All sorts of questions are being asked every day in our community on Slack. Here you can find the answers from community members to all sorts of questions. Today: dentists and orthodontists!

Please note that these are answers from community members and their experiences; I have no affiliation or personal experience with any of the dentists mentioned.

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Can anyone recommend a dentist in Las Palmas? Preferably speaking English.

I recommend Clinica Dental Maria Navarro near Alcaravaneras Beach. +34 928 29 31 33. c/ Jose Juan Megías 8 (11-11-2022)

Can anyone recommend a dentist at Las Palmas for a general cleanup?

My friend did hers at: Clinica Dental Dr Dario Castro and she was very satisfied. (09-11-2022)

Can anyone recommend a good orthodontist in Las Palmas please?

I recommend Clinica dental Adalia. I have my Invisalign retainer from there. I’m almost finishing my treatment and I’m happy with it in general. (17-11-2022)

I go to the Caser clinic on Pio XII – my health insurance through Caser gave me heavily discounted orthodontics and they’ve been really good to me. Not sure if you have to have insurance with them to use them, but might work out more cost-effective in the long run. (18-11-2022)

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