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Restaurants with menu del día

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The menu del día is quite popular in Las Palmas. Many local restaurants offer set menus for around €10. This usually includes a starter or a dessert, an entree and a drink.

Since prices can vary a bit I won’t mention the exact price per venue, but as I said, the price is usually around €10.

Example of menu del día (Racimo16 unfortunately no longer exists)

Casa Verde Limón
Lovely homemade food with great service and a great value for money. Every day they post their menu on their Facebook page and you can also get the menu for takeaway. Eating onsite includes a drink and bread; the takeaway menu doesn’t include pan and the bebida but you do get a discount.

Son 8 Cafe
Son 8 Cafe is located close to Playa Alcaravaneras. They have a weekly menu with four starters and four entrees and you can simply pick one starter and one main to customize the menu. Their menu del día is shared on their Facebook page.

Hermanos Garcia
This very popular local restaurant is located on Calle Juan Duran Manuel Gonzalez 51 (behind Plaza de España). It’s important to mention, because if you use Google Maps and type their name, lots of places pop up. They offer a varied daily menu and if I am not mistaken, their menu includes a starter, entree ánd dessert. For their menu, you have to visit the place. It’s not shared online.

La Bonita de Vegueta
If you want to try something a little bit different, this is a great option. You won’t find Greek moussake for example at Hermanos Garcia, but you will find it here! They offer a daily menu with bread, a starter, entree, dessert and a drink and have vegetarian and gluten free options. Their menu del día is shared on their Facebook and bookings can be made via WhatsApp. As the name suggests, they are located in Vegueta.

This restaurant opened in 2013 and has a very nice vibe. It is open from Monday till Friday, all day. They serve a full menu del día but also special platos (dishes) of the day. The restaurant is located close to San Telmo and has been recommended by several local friends. Their menu is published on their Facebook page.

Restaurante Adasú is located close to Las Canteras, to be more specific, very close to the popular GoFit gym. Every week they create a menu with several starters, entrees and desserts so you can create your own daily menu. There’s always at least one vegetarian option in both their starters and their entrees. The menu is posted on their Facebook page, together with one photo of one of the dishes.

Trés Jolie
If you’ve been to tapas night in Vegueta, you might already know this restaurant. But you probably didn’t know they also do a pretty good menu del día! Unfortunately they no longer share the menu on their Facebook but on Google Maps it’s still confirmed they do great daily menus.

Share your experiences and recommendations in the comments!

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