Organic shops in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

There are a lot of organic supermarkets in Las Palmas and here I just listed some of the most popular.

Spar Natural
By far the most popular and probably also the biggest organic supermarket in Las Palmas is Spar Natural. It’s located on Calle Juan Manuel Durán González 6 and open from Monday till Saturday from 9AM – 9PM.

La Zanahoria
They have two locations; one on Calle Galicia 19 (in front of the Mercado Central) and one on Calle Luis Doreste Silva 79. On their website you can also order your organic groceries online.

As the name suggests, this organic shop is located in barrio La Isleta, on Calle Princesa Guayarmina 26. They are open from Monday – Friday from 9.30AM – 8PM (and a siesta between 1PM – 5PM). On Saturday they are open from 10AM – 1PM.

Grano a Grano
Grano a Grano sell cereals, pulses, spices and other essentials that are not packed. If you don‘t bring your own container, they also provide paper bags. There are also other selected organic commodities like oils, Yogi Tea, and stuff. Located near Playa de La Cicer at Calle Numancia 75.

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