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Laptop friendly terraces in Las Palmas

For the full digital nomad experience, you won’t be working from a coworking: you work with your face in the sun, sipping from a hot cup of coffee on a nice terrace. Since digital nomads usually sit for quite some time on a terrace and not everyone spends a lot of money, some cafes don’t allow you to sit down with your laptop.

If you sit down to work for some hours, consume a bit more than just one cup of coffee. If we want these cafes to stay in business and embrace digital nomads/remote workers, we need to show them that we are willing to support them!

That said, here are some terraces in Las Palmas that are digital nomad friendly:

Coffee & Bread / Mad Bread (Calle Gran Canaria 14)
A nice bakery at the northern part of Las Canteras, with decent wifi and lots of space. Recommended by several community members.

The Crunch (Paseo las Canteras 84)
About 400m north of the Go Fit Gym. Lots of tables and a popular place for remote workers to work from.

Starbucks (Paseo las Canteras 24)
An incredible popular terrace to work from, for remote workers and digital nomads.

Gelateria Futura (Calle Sagasta 54)
They open at 10AM, have good wifi and the terrace is usually pretty quiet in the morning. If you work ‘downstairs’ you can even bring your dog! They are closed on Mondays.

The Couple (Paseo las Canteras 23)
The Couple is a popular place for digital nomads; centrally located on Las Canteras with tables right next to the beach. They have a big menu with a lot of choice for food and drinks.

La Quilla (Playa Chica)
People have been spotted working here, but the staff was a bit hesitant.. Don’t keep a table occupied with your laptop during their peak hours.

And again, please, spend money at the cafes you work from. Make the locals love our community! Don’t keep a table occupied for 4 hours and just drink one coffee.

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