Ceviche restaurant Lima on Calle Ripoche 10

Update: unfortunately this restaurant is closed permanently.

In January 2022 a lovely small Peruvian restaurant opened in Calle Ripoche. The Peruvian owner, Jonathan, always dreamt of opening his own ceviche restaurant and he made it happen right here in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

restaurant Lima

The menu is small; when I went there there in early February 2022 there were three tapas on the menu and three ceviches. The capacity is also limited, so if you are planning to visit, don’t come with a big group. There are only a few tables available and there’s only one chef/waiter.

Jonathan makes an amazing pisco sour, but me and my friend decided to both go for a fresh and non-alcoholic maracuya lemonade. The reviews on Google are praising the cocktails though, so I will definitely have to try those next time!

restaurant Lima

While waiting for our ceviches, we enjoyed two tapas to share, the aguacate y queso and the ensaladilla de atĂșn con piquillo y aguacate. We also got a complimentary small cup with nachos.

aguacate y queso
ensaladilla de atĂșn con piquillo y aguacate

The starters were very tasty and we were excited to try our ceviches! We orderd one ceviche nikkei and one ceviche clasico. My friend likes his food very spicy and asked for some extra picante on the side. The picante was truly picante and came with a warning.

I asked for a medium spicy ceviche and it was perfect for me. We shared both ceviches and though both ceviches were super tasty, we both preferred the clasico over the nikkei.

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ceviche clasico (con pescado blanco, cebolla roja y batata)
ceviche nikkei (con lomo de atun, aguacate y sesamo)

The restaurant is open for lunch (1PM – 3PM) and dinner (6PM – 10PM/11PM) and is closed on Wednesdays. Like a lot of restaurants, on Sundays Lima is only open for lunch.

The third ceviche on the menu is called the ceviche vegano and is, as the name implies, fully vegan friendly.

At the moment, there is no website or Facebook page online, but you can find updated information on their Google listing.

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