Finding Belgium beers in Gran Canaria

Nestled in the heart of Europe, Belgium is renowned for its exquisite chocolates, intricate lacework, and breathtaking medieval architecture. However, it’s the country’s unparalleled mastery of brewing that truly sets it apart on the global stage. From the vibrant landscapes of Gran Canaria to the charming cobblestone streets of Belgian cities, the world of beer enthusiasts extends far and wide.

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Cerveceria Y Picoteo Te Lo Dije Perez and Cervecería Las Buenas Pulgas on the paseo used to have a massive bottle selection, though I have not been there recently. Coriasso’s Cerveceria usually has a few Belgium beers too.
Sam | 22-03-2023

Trappist Treasures

One of Belgium’s most revered contributions to the beer world is its selection of Trappist beers. Brewed within the walls of Trappist monasteries, these beers are a testament to the monastic dedication and craftsmanship that Belgium is famous for. Just as Gran Canaria’s landscapes boast stunning contrasts, from lush green valleys to arid deserts, the Trappist beers offer an array of flavors, ranging from the malty complexity of a Dubbel to the fruity notes of a Tripel.

We went to Coriasso’s Cerveceria, near the beach for some Belgium beers. Very nice, chill vibe.
Anna | 22-03-2023

Abbey Ales: A Glimpse into the Past

In Belgium, ancient abbeys stand as living reminders of a bygone era. Similarly, the Abbey ales, often brewed by commercial breweries, pay homage to the historical brewing methods of the monastic traditions. These beers mirror the island of Gran Canaria, where ancient villages like Teror and Arucas whisper stories of the past through their intricate architecture.

Saison: A Taste of the Countryside

Just as Gran Canaria’s rustic countryside beckons with its serene landscapes, the Saison style of Belgian beer evokes the essence of the farmlands. Originally brewed to quench the thirst of farmworkers, Saisons offer a refreshing and slightly spicy character, perfect for Gran Canaria’s warm climate. With each sip, you’re transported to the rustic tranquility of Belgian farmlands, reminiscent of Gran Canaria’s rural charm.

In Vegueta, Cerveceria Y Picoteo Te Lo Dije Perez, on the street leading to the Cathedral and Plaza Santa Ana sells Belgium beers.
Jens | 22-03-2023

Belgian Strong Ales: Bold and Diverse

Much like the diverse topography of Gran Canaria, Belgian Strong Ales come in a variety of styles, each boasting a unique character. From the rich and malty flavors of a Quadrupel to the fruity esters of a Golden Strong Ale, these beers offer an array of experiences. Just as Gran Canaria’s varied landscapes offer something for every traveler, Belgian Strong Ales cater to a wide range of palates.

As we raise our glasses to celebrate the rich tradition of Belgian brewing, let’s toast to the cross-cultural journey that brings a taste of Belgium to the shores of Gran Canaria. Just as Gran Canaria’s diverse influences have shaped its vibrant culture, Belgian beers serve as a testament to the historical tapestry that has molded the country’s brewing heritage. So, whether you’re strolling along the sun-kissed beaches of Gran Canaria or exploring the charming streets of Belgian towns, take a moment to savor the complex and captivating flavors of Belgian beers, and embrace the unity of cultures that make our world truly remarkable.

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