Paragliding Above Playa De Las Canteras

If you’ve ever wanted to try something exciting, here’s your chance to go paragliding with Aventura en Canarias, a partner of Live it up, Las Palmas!. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is a beautiful place, known for its sunny Playa de Las Canteras. But what if you could see it from high up in the sky? Let’s learn more about paragliding with Aventura en Canarias and the fantastic views you can enjoy.

Amazing Views From The Sky

With Aventura en Canarias, you can experience a special paragliding adventure that lets you see Playa de Las Canteras and maybe even Tenerife in the distance. It’s a unique way to make unforgettable memories of your trip to Gran Canaria!

Weather Conditions

The weather in Gran Canaria is almost always just right for paragliding. You’ll take off from different places near Playa de Las Canteras and land safely in the same spot where you started. This means you’ll have a safe and enjoyable adventure.

It’s crucial to understand that paragliding is entirely dependent on the weather. This means that the length of your flight and even the possibility of going paragliding on a specific day are not guaranteed. Weather conditions can change, and safety always comes first. So, be prepared for some flexibility in your plans when you decide to take on this exciting adventure.

Aventura En Canarias: Your Paragliding Experts

Aventura en Canarias has friendly instructors who will make sure you’re safe and having fun. They can help you if you’re new to paragliding or if you already have some experience. They offer different courses to help you learn and improve your skills.

Learning To Fly In A Beautiful Place

If you’re new to paragliding, the Canary Islands are a great place to learn. The schools and instructors are excellent, and the good weather makes learning fast and easy. In just a few days, you could be flying on your own. After two weeks, you’ll feel confident enough to paraglide anywhere in the world.

How To Book Your Paragliding Adventure

If you’re excited to try paragliding with Aventura en Canarias, now is the time to book your flight! The price is €80, but as a community member of Live it up, Las Palmas!, you get a 10% discount.

For bookings contact Iris via +34685997935 or Chris via +34626331588. Make sure to mention Live it up, Las Palmas! to get your 10% discount!

Explore More Adventures With Aventura En Canarias

Aventura en Canarias isn’t only about paragliding; they’ve got a bunch of activities for adventure lovers. If you’re craving more excitement, you can jump into coasteering—a mix of swimming, cliff-jumping, and exploring the coast. Or, if you prefer the adrenaline rush on solid ground, try rock climbing or take on the thrilling challenge of via ferrata. Aventura en Canarias is like your ticket to a world of outdoor adventures, all happening in the beautiful Canary Islands. Whether you’re flying through the skies or tackling the land and sea, they’ve got an adventure that’s just right for you.

Check for more information and other adventure sports!

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